The Philips Ambilight 32PFL5605H/12 1080P Full HD LED TV

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Published: 13th December 2010
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The Phillips 32PFL5605 is a great LCD television that features LED backlighting as its source of light. Many manufacturers are moving to LED backlights because of the beautiful colours they can produce, as well as the thin design they enable. People new to HD LED LCD TVs will have no problem starting with this TV.

This TV included Phillips' proprietary Pixel Plus HD technology. This technology enables you to enjoy the utmost picture clarity from any source. Most forms of graininess and noise will experience a great reduction because of Pixel Plus HD. You can rest assured that your picture will always look fantastic.

This model uses LED-backlighting technology. This type of technology is considered to be the most advanced backlighting. The power consumption is greatly lowered because of this technology. This technology also helps the TV to be made much more environmentally friendly through the discarding of mercury. Another benefit of this type of technology is increased sharpness, colour reproduction, better sharpness, and great contrast.

The 32PFL5605 also takes advantage of 100Hz technology. This TV also takes advantage of an extremely fast 2ms response time. Before, televisions only used 50Hz technology, which caused them to have extreme blurriness. Users of this TV will never have to worry about motion blur. This technology works because it increases the amount of picture seen on the TV to twice the normal amount. In addition, the 2-millisecond response time ensures that there is no blurring of any kind.

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A great feature that is also included on this TV is HD Natural Motion. They opted to use this technology to decrease judder. Judder is a problem that arises when a television does not have a low enough response time. All of this technology helps to greatly increase your viewing experience while watching any type of programming. You will never have to worry about awful judder ruining your picture ever again.

This television also features a fantastic 2.1 40W sound system. The system on this TV is very well enabled to reproduce the feel of an authentic 5.1 surround sound system. In fact, this speaker configuration is able to put out twice the power that it is supplied. An extra tweeter is installed into this TV that allows the user to enjoy fantastic sound reproduction. Bass also sounds great coming out of these speakers thanks to the TV's built-in subwoofer. Phillips did an excellent job making sure that the TV's speakers did not protrude out of the frame. Human voices are really brought out by this speaker configuration. The sound will make you feel like you are inside of the movie.

This TV also enables you to connect your sources to a wide variety of inputs. The TV includes 3 HDMI inputs equipped with Easylink technology.

The performance to value ratio is fantastic on this television. No matter if you are a long-time HDTV user, or a novice, you will find that this TV is fantastic. We highly recommend looking into this TV if you are in the market for a new LCD.

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